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Badminton is a very intense sport, in a fierce badminton game, the athletes consume more physical energy than playing a football match. Therefore, when the player reaches a certain level of technology, if the physical quality can not keep up, it will restrict the improvement of technology. For those who are not learning badminton, it seems that the impact of physical training does not have much effect, but with the growth of playing time, especially every day or the next day to play the ball, it must be attached great importance to physical training, otherwise one is the impact of the level of progress, the second is prone to injury. In order to ensure our badminton safety, we need to strengthen our physical fitness through exercise.

Why do you have to exercise in badminton?

Badminton requires both enough endurance and good explosiveness. Professional players in the basic strength training, usually using pusher bells, dumbbells, heavy-duty squats and jump rope, swinging badminton rackets and other ways to exercise the strength of shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, legs and other parts, these parts are long-term engaged in badminton people most prone to injury and illness. As for special quality training, mainly include footwork and multi-ball training, in order to increase the amount of exercise, in the practice of footwork will often wear sand clothes, tied to sand belt.

For amateur badminton players, no equipment can also carry out physical training, such as strengthening the strength of the shoulder elbow, can use push-ups, exercise ankles, can use the insitu toe-toe method, exercise waist abs can be used to sit up, wrist strength can be used to wave mineral water bottles. For amateur badminton players, at least one or two regular hours a week are available for physical training for 30 to 40 minutes at a time. In the course of training, can be according to their own weaknesses have a selective practice, such as small arm arm strength is poor, on the wrist strength, can be through the small arm swing badminton racket, back-up racket and even mineral water bottle stoush training. Arm strength poor shoulder, the best way to practice shoulder strength is to practice double bars, the use of hands to support the way. In addition, especially pay attention to dora ligaments during training. Jumping rope, especially double rocking jump is the most consistent with the characteristics of badminton project body training, because the jump rope is a whole body movement, can not only practice wrist strength and can practice the rate of swinging arms, but also enhance the body’s coordination. In addition to this, it is important to note that the position of holding the badminton racket must be correct,Otherwise it will strain your muscles.

Why do you have to exercise in badminton?

The one-week physical training program listed below is available for young men aged about 25 years and one to two years old. First, first to second long-distance running, 3000 meters to 5000 meters, time control in 20 to 30 minutes.Others may add or subtract from the above-mentioned plans in accordance with their actual circumstances.

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