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Badminton is a very interesting sport. In addition to the need to constantly improve our skills, the badminton rackets selection is also very important. Because there are many types of badminton rackets, such as offensive and defensive badminton rackets, if we play badminton in a biased manner, we buy a defensive type when badminton rackets are selected. Our badminton style, not only does not allow us to enjoy the badminton sport, but also easily causes damage to the badminton racket. Therefore, we must pay attention to the badminton rackets selection.
How to enjoy badminton, we must first fully grasp the badminton rules. In addition to making badminton games more fair, we can ensure that we avoid injuries when we follow these badminton rules in badminton.
Let me tell you about one of the badminton rules is to judge the athlete’s actions. Specifically, the following aspects are discussed.

In the badminton rules, we must master the position of the athletes. The positions of the athletes generally have their own characteristics. The route of different returning positions of the stations is also limited to a certain extent. For example, some athletes like to play a straight ball, then his position basically determines the route to the ball, which can be judged accurately when the player’s personality characteristics are clearly understood. Look at the direction in which the badminton player hits the ball. The direction of the face basically determines the route to the ball. Except for the individual techniques such as hanging and killing, the direction of the most technical face is the same as the direction of the force. The direction of the face may change during the stroke of the shot, but the moment of the shot will not change. Therefore, the moment of this shot is the key to our judgment, and we must concentrate on it. The direction in which the ball pops up after the touch of the ball is very important in the judgment of the badminton. The ball can be judged immediately as a diagonal line, a straight line, or a long ball or a short ball. Therefore, our vision must maintain a high degree of sensitivity at the moment of the ball shooting. Judging that the route to the landing point is related and different, so in the judgment, neither the route nor the landing point must be taken into account.

Although the use of badminton set is very important, we can’t enjoy badminton better without badminton rules.

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