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We need to be familiar with the badminton rules, in order to better play our technology, while mastering the badminton rules , in order to ensure our badminton sports safety. Here are some badminton rules to help us get good results in the competition. Page system is usually adopted in the second stage of the competition. It is an effective way to resist playing fake balls. It encourages players to go all out to win from the beginning of the game. In the first round of the competition, the first team competes against the first and the second team. The winner of the first team competes directly with the winner of the second team and the loser competes with the winner of the second team. For example, in 1998, the National Badminton Championship team competition was first used, and achieved good results.

Why Master Badminton Rules

Mixed system, the badminton rules used in many badminton competitions, in order to make the teams (people) have more chances to compete, and not make the whole course too long, the cycle system and elimination system are usually combined. Badminton competition is divided into stages. Different competition systems are often adopted in each stage, such as group cycle in the first stage and elimination or Peggy system in the second stage. It combines the advantages of different competition systems, so that the results of the game can not only objectively reflect the true level of players, but also complete the task of the game in a short time. Because of the different competition methods adopted in different stages, it brings some troubles to the organizational work of drawing lots and other competitions, so we should pay special attention to the overall consideration and give consideration to both the front and the back.
After the result of the first stage comes out, if the second stage adopts the elimination competition, there are two ways to choose the position of the second stage. The first one is the fixed position, the second one is the re-drawing or the first fixed position of the group, and the second one is the re-drawing.

The second stage is pre-fixed: the first and second members of the team are in the second stage. Knowing the position of the second stage in advance may result in deliberate defeat in the group match, which will lead to the problem of not arguing for the first stage of the group but for the second stage of the group.
In the second stage, if the first member of the team enters a fixed position, and the second member of the team must wait for the results of the first stage of the group competition to come out, then draw lots to enter, which to a certain extent avoids the possibility of playing counterfeit ball. The general principle is that the second place in group A and B is drawn into the lower half, while the second place in group C and D is drawn into the upper half. It should be noted that in the first stage, the first seed should enter group A and the second seed should enter group D, so as to match the first and second stages. Fully grasp these badminton rules, so that we can all achieve good results in badminton matches.

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